Feature Highlight 07/10

Feature Highlight 07/10

We've just released a massive update with what we've been working on for the past month.

Custom Loading Screen

You are now able to customize the color of the Mojang loading screen.

Draggable Server List

You are able to reorganize your server list by dragging entries


Pack Organizer

We have moved resource pack organizer to a separate mod. This will let you customize features or completely disable the custom pack organizer as a whole. Additionally, we've implemented draggable entries so you can more easily toggle packs.



Added ability to have rounded corners and border for nametags.


Keystrokes have been revamped to add more layout and animation settings.


System Resources

System resources mod lets you view CPU/GPU/RAM usage.

Additional Revamped Mods

These mods have been revamped to include more features:

  • Coordinates
  • Zoom (Fixed 1.8.9 zooming as well)
  • Pack Organizer
  • Server Address


  • Improve HUD rendering performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed shader compatibility with cloaks
  • Fixed compatibility with ImmediatelyFast
  • Fixed color saturation not applying (on 1.8.9)
  • Fixed dark chat when Custom Chat disabled