Host a FREE Minecraft Server!

Host a FREE Minecraft Server!

We've just released a new feature to host Minecraft server completely FREE! Servers are hosted directly on your PC and players connect through our proxies so you do not need to port forward nor and keeps your IP address safe.

  1. Click on servers on the left sidebar and click on the add icon

2.  Enter any name, select a template / version and customize your hostname. This is the hostname that you will give your friends

3.  Click create server and accept Minecraft's EULA

4.  Click on start server and have fun!

5.  Give your friends your hostname to connect to. On your own PC, you can connect to "localhost" for lower latency.


  1. Is the server on 24/7? The server will stay online as long as your PC is online.
  2. How can I add a custom server? Open the folder directory via the dropdown and drag in a "server.jar" in to the folder.